Meet Our Team


Rev. Andrew Vähi

Director / President / Co-Founder


Andrew has always had a heart for men and women in drug and alcohol addiction, having struggled in these areas himself for many years. Today after extensive education and training, he and his wife Erica have a strong desire to help others by establishing Village of Hope Ministries wherever God directs them, and to train leaders to go out and spread this message of hope. Andrew wears many hats here at the Village of Hope, Pastor, Director, Teacher, Fundraiser & Leader are just a few. Erica has her hands full being a full time mother to their 3 children Evan, Kara and April, in her spare time she works on promotional material & event planning and organizing among many other things here at the Village of Hope.

Bishop Märt Vähi

Vice President / Co-Founder


Bishop Märt Vähi was born in Sweden shortly after his parents fled Estonia as refugees, later they moved to Canada.  It would be years later that he would sense the call from God to head back to his parents childhood country.

Committed and devote pioneers, Märt and his wife Alta began their ministry smuggling bibles into the former Soviet Union.  In 1991 after the Soviet Union had collapsed Märt moved his family to Estonia.  There he participated actively in establishing the Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church (ECPC), starting new congregations, founding bible schools, building up teaching processes and building up prison services.

It was in November 2000 after God spoke to Märt’s heart and said…you really haven’t touched this country until you’ve touched those who are of the deepest of darkness and despair that the Village of Hope in Estonia was established.  As Chairman of the Board, Märt runs the activity and development of the rehabilitation centre. The extensive and generous work done by Märt has frequently been recognized and commended in the field of social work.

In 2006, Märt and his son Andrew Vähi began building up and developing the Village of Hope in New Brunswick, Canada.

Märt and Alta continue to mentor, develop leadership and pioneer in Estonia, throughout Europe, and in Canada as well.


Marie Rossignol-Moss

Financial / Clerical Administrator


Marie joined our team in May 2012 as our Financial/Clerical Administrator. Marie has a diverse background which includes everything from raising horses & cows, renovating houses, working with the military to office management & bookkeeping !

Marie is the only member of our team who was actually born and raised right here in Tracy, New Brunswick ! After graduating High School, she lived in Alberta for a number of years, she moved home to be closer to her family and childhood friends !

Marie is married to Jody Moss from Mill Cove, New Brunswick. They both enjoy sports ! From Sept -June Marie organizes a local volleyball leaque and in the summer both Marie & Jody play softball together Marie plays 1st base and Jody plays short stop or 3rd base. Marie & Jody also coach grade 6-8 girls varsity volleyball & basketball at the local school.

Together Marie and Jody have 4 grown children the one son lives in Alberta while the other son and 2 daughters live here in New Brunswick.

This success of Village of Hope ministry is personal to Marie as she lost an uncle to addiction, she understands the turmoil addiction causes and she doesn’t want to see families hurt in the same way.

Frank & Linda Brake

Human Resources / Logistic Supervisor

Kitchen Supervisor


Frank and Linda live in Tracy and are enjoying their retired lives. They are both very involved with the Village of Hope and have been since the very beginning. Frank would come up and clear land with the men and Linda made and delivered lunches, now Frank works in the office full time mainly focusing on administration and making sure the men get to all of their appointments. Frank was instrumental in developing Standard Operating Procedures and Village of Hope Bi-Laws and Constitution. Frank also works with the men and teaches classes all the while mentoring, ministering and leading by example and helping the men succeed in the program. Linda has also been a wonderful blessing to the Village of Hope having 2 children and 4 grandchildren she knows how to shop on a budget, Linda does the majority of the purchasing for the kitchen at the Village of Hope. She also is a great organizer for functions, meals and events. She helps the men in the kitchen prepare and plan meals while setting a high standard of being organized, clean and frugal.

Martin & Tina Vanderlaan

Leaders in Training


Martin and Tina Vanderlaan have to come to us from Ontario, Canada.  They came across the Village of Hope in the fall of 2016 while helping a friend in New Brunswick who struggles with drug addiction.  As soon as Martin walked on the property of the Village of Hope he felt the presence of God here and knew this was the place where God wanted him to serve.

He and his wife had been on a journey of discovering what God had next for them.  Though they owned a successful construction company the last few years they felt themselves being led in a different direction and so they closed the business in the spring of 2015 to seek out where the Lord would direct them.  After waiting on the Lord and through much prayer and input from others they have joined the Village of Hope in a leadership in training capacity.

Martin has always had a heart for men and has had numerous men through their doors during their construction business.  He desires to see men set free from whatever hinders them and grow to become all that God intends for them to be.  Tina has a love for family and together with Martin they have four grown children and one granddaughter, she has been blessed to be a stay at home mom.  She’s also a photographer and loves to capture life.  As life happens here at the Village she’ll be capturing it through her lens and sharing it with others.  She’ll also be helping Erica in the kitchen and other areas where there is need.

Jeremy & Krystal Robinson









Jeremy has a heart for men in addictions, having struggled in this area himself.  His life was spiralling out of control when he found himself in the midst of an armed robbery in which he was arrested.  While awaiting sentencing he was able to come to the Village of Hope through divine intervention from God.  He entered the program for 8 months, where his life was drastically changed.  He was sentenced to 4 1/2 years, serving 14 months before being released on early parole.  He has since graduated from the program and has grown to be a strong husband and father.

Jeremy has a love for woodworking, especially designing and building fine and modern industrial style furniture and heads up the furniture making industry at the Village.  He sees this as an industry that fits well at the Village of Hope, a skill for the men to learn and grow in.  His love for woodworking along with his passion to see men set free from addictions is something the Lord can use here at the Village of Hope.

Together Jeremy and Krystal have three young children.  Krystal will be helping along side Jeremy in the marketing end of the furniture industry.  She will also be helping out in the office and with events when needed.