A Life Saved by God’s Grace…Hope Given


“It’s not my life anymore, I must serve Him.”

If you had told Arvi (second man in from the right) three years ago that he’d be travelling to Canada, bringing hope to those caught up in addiction, he would have never believed it.  Three years ago Arvi had no hope, he was a drug addict with suicide on his mind, death was knocking at his door.  But God got a hold of his life, the enemy could not keep him, God claimed him as His own to be used to bring hope to others.  He had found freedom in Christ.  “This is amazing, I want always my life to be free, but I think freedom is if I smoked weed, I smoked cocaine, I do what I want, this is freedom, but this is trapped.  It almost kill me, but now is freedom.  God has broken the chains.  It’s not my life anymore, I must serve Him.”  During Arvi’s time of recovery and discipleship at the Village of Hope in Estonia, a dream was placed in his heart to come to Canada and now that dream is being lived out.  His heart is to serve and learn here at the Village in whatever capacity he can.  “I want to give hope to the men here and show that change is possible by the example of my own life.”  He also feels strongly from the LORD that he must become more fluent in english, so that he can take that back with him and teach english to those at the Village in Estonia.