Jesus Christ has set them FREE!

Satan tried to destroy their lives but Jesus Christ has set them FREE!

Tracy Baptist Church was a place of celebration the morning of Sunday June 4th as seven men from the Village of Hope, along with Evan Vähi were baptized.  Rev. Andrew Vähi shared  the story of the release of the Israelites from the iron grip of Pharaoh.  After many years of slavery their redeemer had come, God freed them, just as this day these men declared their freedom in surrendering their lives to Christ.  And just as Pharaoh chased after those Israelites after releasing them, these men also have an enemy who wants to keep them in bondage.  “Satan’s voice tries to taunt us in our lives, there’s been guys that have started this journey, have been baptized, who have made declarations of faith but relapsed and ended up dying.  That’s the reality of what we’re dealing with here.  It’s a life and death situation, this isn’t just a nice ceremony that we do, there’s something very real that’s happening here today in the spiritual realm.  This is when we take our stand guys, when we say no more are we going to believe the lies of the enemy over our lives, no more are we going to accept the fate of doom.  No more are we going to give up in defeat.  But we’re going to trust that God will make a way where there seems to be no way.  Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for us, it wasn’t a lambs blood on a door post anymore but it was the lamb of God, Jesus Christ, His blood on a cross and that’s what set us free!”  These are men of promise and God can use them to reach others, not because of what they can do but because of what Christ has done in them and will do through them.  They can be world shakers and world changers and that is their prayer at the Village of Hope. DSC_4907