Two Lives Intercepted by Grace and Forgiveness

DSC_7370 Two addicts…one of them scared, angry and lost the day he walked into the doors of the Village  of Hope; the other, a liar, manipulator, cheat and thief – a coward.  Men in the prime of their lives  yet wasting it all for their next high and to run from the shame of the lives they were living, both  hitting rock bottom knowing something had to change.  It’s been ten months since they set foot  on the Village of Hope property and both Chad Pollock and Shawn Turner have graduated. Their  lives have been radically transformed by the power of the Gospel of Christ Jesus in their lives.  Chad can now say “I am brave in the Lord; I have been forgiven and forgive; I have been  brought to the light and given new life.”  Shawn was a coward driven by fear, now he speaks  boldly and unashamedly of the God he serves.  “Today I am far from the man I used to be,  because of God’s forgiveness and grace I now have a second chance, a renewed life.  One  where I can love and feel love and a life where I care for those around me.  I was the walking  dead, sucking life out of those around me and because of God, I am ALIVE!” Each of these men  will face obstacles as they continue to walk in their new found freedom.  Chad knows he has a  tendency to alienate, “One of my biggest obstacles that I will face moving forward would be to  not hide doubts, fears, and struggles within myself and alienate from others.  I have to set up  healthy relationships with those whom I can share anything with.”  Shawn too knows his  weaknesses, “I need to remember where I came from and not let my pride get in the way or the  fear of not measuring up, I need to believe in my heart that I am important.”  Those at the Village  would say Graduation Day is Pay Day!