God Gave Hope Where There Was Hopelessness

DSC_9406“Five years ago I would have never expected that I’d be standing up here and coming on as staff at the Village of Hope.  What! Five years ago I was sitting in the back of a cop car.”

A lot has changed for Jeremy Robinson since he found himself sitting in the back of that cop car, after being arrested for armed robbery.  His addiction had caused him to make one bad decision after another, and this was the one that finally woke him up to the reality of where his life was at…a seemingly hopeless, destructive mess and he needed help now.  Jeremy was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison and he owned it, he was accountable for what he had done and was willing to pay the price for the crime he had committed and the pain he had caused others.  He spent 8 months at the Village of Hope where God began to do a deep work in his heart.  After that he served 14 months at Springhill, got out on parole, then spent six months at a halfway house, after which he returned to the Village to complete the remaining two months of the 10 month program he had started before his jail time.  Jeremy can tell you it hasn’t been an easy road but easy doesn’t humble, strengthen or cause you to put your trust fully in God and that’s what Jeremy has done.  He’s submitted his life and will to God, and God has made something beautiful out of the mess he made.  His relationship with his wife Krystal has grown, trust has been restored and they have been blessed with a beautiful family.  Jeremy’s love and gift of fine woodworking will be used at the Village as he heads up a furniture making industry.  In a place where his life was restored God has now called him to serve and give of the gifts he has been given.  Jeremy and Krystal will both be on staff at the Village and as Jeremy shared this past Sunday morning, “it’s going to be terrific, us working together to achieve one goal, it’s great working with your best friend.”