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Hope Partners

Introducing HOPE PARTNERS. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Never before have we seen so many young men, adults and women struggling to overcome life-controlling addiction problems.

Never before have we seen so many young men, adults and women struggling to overcome life-controlling addiction problems.

But there is hope through a place called the Village of Hope, where men can come and experience a new start in life!

Hope Partners is an initiative of the Village of Hope ministries, challenging Canadians to sponsor men and women in need of freedom from addictions.

You can sponsor
 one or more men who are enrolled in the year-long training program offered by Village of Hope. When you join as a monthly sponsor you will:

  • Help one teen or adult experience quality Christian training at the Village of Hope.
  • Help cover the cost of 24/7 supervision, mentorship, counselling, meals and housing while he participates in the program.
  • Receive quarterly updates on his progress in the program
  • Write letters of encouragement to your sponsored student — if you wish to do so.

To join as a month sponsor, please contact us today at info@VillageofHopeNB.ca.
Monthly sponsorship starts at just $35 per month. Your privacy matters to us; your personal information will never be divulged. Thank you!

True Gratitude…Being Grateful in all Circumstances

DSC_0194The day Kenny Taylor walked onto the Village of Hope property, having just been released from jail to serve his pre-sentencing time there, he would have said he was grateful…that he had gratitude.  Being at the Village eight months now, and looking back he can say he really wasn’t grateful, that he didn’t understand true gratitude.  “Sure I was grateful to be out of jail but was I grateful to be here…probably not at first.” Over the months he has realized that his initial gratitude was steeped in selfishness and self preservation.  “I had a lot of other motives in my heart when I first got here.  I’m going to be here and look good for the courts and I’m going to get my sentence reduced and then I’m going to get back with my kids and family.”  Kenny thought he was great, he thought he was everything, a good dad, a good boyfriend but really he wasn’t much of any of that.  Everything was about Kenny, what could he get out of this and how did it affect him, his motives for most of what he did were all about him.  Having surrendered his life to Christ, his mind has been flipped a 180 in regards to gratitude.  And though it has been painful for him to face what truly resides in his heart and the pain he has caused his family, it has been the very means to set him free of his selfishness and to understand true gratitude.  He is learning gratitude in the struggle, not an easy lesson because his initial response was to be ungrateful for what God was putting His finger on.  “To be grateful in the struggle I was going through was really hard, I was doing forgiveness letters to my boys and it brought up a lot of stuff, the things that I did to hurt my family, lies, and I didn’t want to look at it.  It was God trying to say, take a look at this stuff, lets fix it, lets go through this, lets take ownership of it, lets deal with it so it doesn’t happen again.  But me in my selfish heart says no, I don’t want to look at that, it hurts, but no matter how bad it hurts I gotta keep moving forward and do what God tells me to do.  That’s what makes me grateful in the end because I come through it with God, it becomes a period of growth and maturity in myself.”  Kenny’s identity in Christ is his number one thing he is grateful for.  He no longer has to live a life of lies and deceit.  “I’ve gone my whole life fitting in here, fitting in there, trying to be this person and that person.  Today I don’t have to do that.  I’m not meant to be lying, cheating, stealing, hurting.  I’m meant to love people, follow Him, and obey His commands.”  For a man who was once motivated to live for self, he now tries his best to live selflessly in his relationships with others and tries to do good to all people.

God Gave Hope Where There Was Hopelessness

DSC_9406“Five years ago I would have never expected that I’d be standing up here and coming on as staff at the Village of Hope.  What! Five years ago I was sitting in the back of a cop car.”

A lot has changed for Jeremy Robinson since he found himself sitting in the back of that cop car, after being arrested for armed robbery.  His addiction had caused him to make one bad decision after another, and this was the one that finally woke him up to the reality of where his life was at…a seemingly hopeless, destructive mess and he needed help now.  Jeremy was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison and he owned it, he was accountable for what he had done and was willing to pay the price for the crime he had committed and the pain he had caused others.  He spent 8 months at the Village of Hope where God began to do a deep work in his heart.  After that he served 14 months at Springhill, got out on parole, then spent six months at a halfway house, after which he returned to the Village to complete the remaining two months of the 10 month program he had started before his jail time.  Jeremy can tell you it hasn’t been an easy road but easy doesn’t humble, strengthen or cause you to put your trust fully in God and that’s what Jeremy has done.  He’s submitted his life and will to God, and God has made something beautiful out of the mess he made.  His relationship with his wife Krystal has grown, trust has been restored and they have been blessed with a beautiful family.  Jeremy’s love and gift of fine woodworking will be used at the Village as he heads up a furniture making industry.  In a place where his life was restored God has now called him to serve and give of the gifts he has been given.  Jeremy and Krystal will both be on staff at the Village and as Jeremy shared this past Sunday morning, “it’s going to be terrific, us working together to achieve one goal, it’s great working with your best friend.”

2nd Annual Homecoming Celebration!


Though rain loomed in the forecast, the people came and the rain held off with just a little morning drizzle which didn’t dampen things one bit.  The day was filled with fellowship, good food, bouncy castles, games, and some testimonies.  Jody and Juddy Peavy came up from Florida and grilled up some amazing chicken and ribs, starting the grilling process at midnight!  Arvi Raid and his team looked after the games which included some good adult competition with a few kids in the mix.  The Caber Toss was a hit as was the Tug of War.  There was face painting for the kids, Holly Roy did an amazing job.  There were butterfly, tiger, cat, and super hero faces all around.  Emily Hopper the wife of one of the men in the program was really blessed by the day.  “The Homecoming Event was really special…not because of the bouncy castles, delicious food, or live worship music, although those things were amazing, but because a community of people came together to celebrate a program that facilitates the changes that God can make in the lives of men and their families.  It was encouraging to see the children play and families interact, knowing that we share a common struggle and a unified hope!  My boys had a blast!  I’m thankful for the thought and time that went into this event.”

Hope is a Small Word With Huge Meaning


Paul and Marlene Vanderlaan, who recently visited the Village of Hope, are no strangers to the long lasting affects of drugs and alcohol on both the individual, families, and a community.  Paul is a Constable with the RCMP in Nova Scotia and Marlene works in a detox facility, daily they see the devastation caused by drugs and alcohol.  Marlene sees clients at detox experiencing sadness, brokenness, and often hopelessness.  As much as she can she pours life into her clients but knows full well many may detox but will return again…it is a vicious cycle.  Paul too see individuals time after time who have had their lives destroyed by the decisions they have made.  “I have arrested them and brought them forward in the court system.  Time, and time again, I see these individuals go through the system, do their time and come back through the system.  I have been frustrated and struggled in questioning what good are we doing in the community.  Worldly speaking, yes, we are working to keep our communities safe, but as a Christian and a Police Officer I question how to show people that come across my path the hope that I have found in Jesus.”  Paul shared a key principle his father lived by, that behind every face is a story, he had a heart of compassion for the lost and he himself was involved in prison ministry.  Paul and Marlene both try to live their lives by the same key principle but at times they are both weighted down by the brokenness they see day after day.  Their visit to the Village gave them a renewed sense of hope in going forward in their respective jobs.  “I was so encouraged this past weekend, seeing these men have hope in Jesus.  It was heart breaking to hear some of their stories that were shared and yet I was encouraged to hear the men truly grasping total forgiveness and hope found in Jesus.  We experienced the Holy Spirit at work through tears of joy, through testimonies, and through the freedom of forgiveness.  We witnessed families coming together, forgiving each other, and pressing forward with Jesus’ leading.  Thank you to the Village of Hope, both staff and clients, for reminding Marlene and I of the hope found in Jesus.  It is easy to get discouraged seeing brokenness in our world day after day in our jobs.  We both feel renewed to carry on with what we have been called for at this time in our lives, and for that we are thankful to Jesus and also to you all at the Village of Hope.”

The World Would Say Pack Your Bags and Run…



David Swanton has been in numerous programs/rehabs in an effort to clean up his life and the patterns that keep pulling him back into that destructive lifestyle.  He came to the Village of Hope in August of 2016, a cocaine addict wanting help, but left after 18 days.  Six weeks later he returned and has been at the Village ever since.  He should have been graduating soon but a situation arose a number of weeks ago where he crossed the line, broke the rules, and along with that broke trust.  The consequence of his actions was to be pushed back five months into his program, something that would cause most men to pack their bags and run but Dave felt he deserved it.  In reality God had already spoken the same discipline to him in his journal before he even received it, so it was no surprise to him.  “I was angry at what God was telling me but I took ownership of it even though it’s not something anyone would want to do or most men would do.  I needed to realize it’s not the process, it’s not the time, it’s am I willing to submit to God.  Once I looked past the discipline and restarting my program in the negative, I realized that  a lot of things I still need to work on are still inside of me, whether it’s anger, depression, or character traits the are negative and affect me and would pull me back down if I left.”  So does he ever wake up and think jeepers I’m here for another six months…how does he prevent himself from going down that road of self-pity?  “I try to focus on the reason I want to stick it out is because for once my relationship with God means something, it’s never meant anything.  I really don’t want to be that angry person I was or that person that was just so polluted in the heart, I want to be free, I want to be loving, I want to learn how to love people and pour into them.  I don’t want to return to who I was, I want to get rid of my heart condition.”  Dave may not see himself as some “superstar” when it comes to his recovery, he’s struggled lots and often times hasn’t given fully to his program but since his discipline and being pushed back his outlook is different.  “I realized a lot of things had to come out and this was a huge step in my freedom and having true integrity, it’s something I never had.”

Two Lives Intercepted by Grace and Forgiveness

DSC_7370 Two addicts…one of them scared, angry and lost the day he walked into the doors of the Village  of Hope; the other, a liar, manipulator, cheat and thief – a coward.  Men in the prime of their lives  yet wasting it all for their next high and to run from the shame of the lives they were living, both  hitting rock bottom knowing something had to change.  It’s been ten months since they set foot  on the Village of Hope property and both Chad Pollock and Shawn Turner have graduated. Their  lives have been radically transformed by the power of the Gospel of Christ Jesus in their lives.  Chad can now say “I am brave in the Lord; I have been forgiven and forgive; I have been  brought to the light and given new life.”  Shawn was a coward driven by fear, now he speaks  boldly and unashamedly of the God he serves.  “Today I am far from the man I used to be,  because of God’s forgiveness and grace I now have a second chance, a renewed life.  One  where I can love and feel love and a life where I care for those around me.  I was the walking  dead, sucking life out of those around me and because of God, I am ALIVE!” Each of these men  will face obstacles as they continue to walk in their new found freedom.  Chad knows he has a  tendency to alienate, “One of my biggest obstacles that I will face moving forward would be to  not hide doubts, fears, and struggles within myself and alienate from others.  I have to set up  healthy relationships with those whom I can share anything with.”  Shawn too knows his  weaknesses, “I need to remember where I came from and not let my pride get in the way or the  fear of not measuring up, I need to believe in my heart that I am important.”  Those at the Village  would say Graduation Day is Pay Day!

Jesus Christ has set them FREE!

Satan tried to destroy their lives but Jesus Christ has set them FREE!

Tracy Baptist Church was a place of celebration the morning of Sunday June 4th as seven men from the Village of Hope, along with Evan Vähi were baptized.  Rev. Andrew Vähi shared  the story of the release of the Israelites from the iron grip of Pharaoh.  After many years of slavery their redeemer had come, God freed them, just as this day these men declared their freedom in surrendering their lives to Christ.  And just as Pharaoh chased after those Israelites after releasing them, these men also have an enemy who wants to keep them in bondage.  “Satan’s voice tries to taunt us in our lives, there’s been guys that have started this journey, have been baptized, who have made declarations of faith but relapsed and ended up dying.  That’s the reality of what we’re dealing with here.  It’s a life and death situation, this isn’t just a nice ceremony that we do, there’s something very real that’s happening here today in the spiritual realm.  This is when we take our stand guys, when we say no more are we going to believe the lies of the enemy over our lives, no more are we going to accept the fate of doom.  No more are we going to give up in defeat.  But we’re going to trust that God will make a way where there seems to be no way.  Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for us, it wasn’t a lambs blood on a door post anymore but it was the lamb of God, Jesus Christ, His blood on a cross and that’s what set us free!”  These are men of promise and God can use them to reach others, not because of what they can do but because of what Christ has done in them and will do through them.  They can be world shakers and world changers and that is their prayer at the Village of Hope. DSC_4907