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A Life Saved by God’s Grace…Hope Given


“It’s not my life anymore, I must serve Him.”

If you had told Arvi (second man in from the right) three years ago that he’d be travelling to Canada, bringing hope to those caught up in addiction, he would have never believed it.  Three years ago Arvi had no hope, he was a drug addict with suicide on his mind, death was knocking at his door.  But God got a hold of his life, the enemy could not keep him, God claimed him as His own to be used to bring hope to others.  He had found freedom in Christ.  “This is amazing, I want always my life to be free, but I think freedom is if I smoked weed, I smoked cocaine, I do what I want, this is freedom, but this is trapped.  It almost kill me, but now is freedom.  God has broken the chains.  It’s not my life anymore, I must serve Him.”  During Arvi’s time of recovery and discipleship at the Village of Hope in Estonia, a dream was placed in his heart to come to Canada and now that dream is being lived out.  His heart is to serve and learn here at the Village in whatever capacity he can.  “I want to give hope to the men here and show that change is possible by the example of my own life.”  He also feels strongly from the LORD that he must become more fluent in english, so that he can take that back with him and teach english to those at the Village in Estonia.

Jolly Farmer Partners With VOH

Jolly Farmer Partners With VOH

DSC_0249“It is our privilege to partner with ministries both locally and abroad.”

The Jolly Farmer, a horticultural industry has been a long time supporter of the Village of Hope.  “From our earliest days, it has been our vision to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and help those less fortunate.  Currently it is our privilege to partner with ministries both locally and abroad.”  At the Village they have partnered in the past through finance for building materials and labourers in the construction of some of the projects.  This past February some staff and supporters met with Jolly Farmer in regards to out sourcing labourers from the Village as a way to build work experience for the men and income in the running of the ministry.  It’s an exciting new step forward for the Village of Hope and the men who desire to change their lives and become meaningful contributors to their families and society.


Maple Syrup Season is Here!

The trees are tapped and we’re waiting for sunshine and mild temperatures for the sap to run. Late February the men began tapping trees and were able to get 1200 taps in.  It takes forty litres of sap to make one litre of syrup.  The sap is collected in buckets, the old fashioned way.  The men head out with pails and collect the sap and pour it into a holding tank.  Though our sugar bush is within viewing distance of the main building at the Village of Hope, it’s across the river.  To get there you take a 10 minute drive around the river and a 15 minute trek into the woods.  It’s great exercise.  DSC_9569

A Man of Faith


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Phillips family as they grieve the passing of Byron L Phillips – a faithful servant of God. It was 2008 when the God spoke to Märt Vähi and his son Andrew to build a Village of Hope in New Brunswick.

He spoke three things to them: 1. they were to find two hundred acres, 2. it would be on a river and 3. they weren’t to pay more than a dollar for it. They shared their vision with Byron one day and he was proud to show them a piece of land he owned, it was two hundred acres and it had a river running through it. They walked the land together, it was a beautiful piece of property and even had a sugar bush. Byron agreed to giving it for a dollar as the LORD had already impressed upon his heart that he was to give it away. He was a man of great faith. He mentioned to Andrew one day with tears running down his face, ‘I feel so privileged that God would use my land for such a place as the Village of Hope.’ “We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labour prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” I Thessalonians 1:3 ~ In Christ’s love, all the Staff & their families and the men at the Village of Hope.
Byron you’ll be greatly missed.

Giving Back

IMG_5578Recently, Noah Smith a grade 11 student from FHS visited the Village of Hope with a donation of several pairs of boots and work clothes for the gentlemen at the Village of Hope.  Noah has been giving back to the community for several years and was recently chosen to participate in the RBC Make $150.00 Count Project.  For Canada’s 150th anniversary RBC is giving Canadians across the country $150.00 to do good in the community.  As a result of this initiative Noah approached a local clothing store in search of goods for those in need.  The day Noah brought in his donation he toured the Village, chatted with the men in the program and enjoyed a delicious lunch with the men, staff and his local MLA Jeff Carr and former MLA Jack Carr. Thanks Noah, for your generous donation!

Men Working Diligently to Finish Bunkhouse Number Two

DSC_8062The men have been working hard to complete Bunkhouse number two.  They’re working on the final touches and hope to have it ready by the end of February.  We are thankful to the many volunteers/workers and financial supporters who have made this project possible.  With the addition of Bunkhouse number two we’ll be able to house eight more men at the Village of Hope.

100 Women Who Care from Fredericton Bless the Village of Hope

Rev. Andrew Vähi and SLT student Mike presented the group of ‘100 Women Who Care’ an update on the 2nd Men’s Bunkhouse project they donated over $5000 to just a couple months ago. Special Thanks to Anna for all of her organizing, and we are so thankful to have a city with so many women who care !

100 Women Who Care Bless the Village of Hope

100 Women Who Care Bless the Village of Hope



Village of Hope Graduates 3 more men !

11247599_10156069537770562_1484270131336829916_oCongratulations to three men (Mario, Ryan and Michael) who graduated from the 10-month regeneration program at the Village of Hope. Also in the picture are VOH co-founders Rev. Andrew Vähi & Bishop Märt Vähi, Member of the Legislative Assembly Jeff & Jack Carr. 

Over $1.1-Billion a year is spent by NB Government because of substance abuse.

The Village of Hope Is in process of building a 2nd Men’s Bunkhouse to add to the beds available. VOH operations is not funded by government and is constantly open to your monetary and volunteer support.