Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Village of Hope

Q. What does it cost to attend the Village of Hope for one year?
A. There are many costs involved feeding, housing and training one student at the Village of Hope for one year – but it’s worth it. For those applying to this program, we require a fee of $1,000 as an entrance fee. The entrance fee is income-based and is is non-refundable. We assist each student meeting this monthly cost by helping them apply for government funding such as EI sick benefits, Social Assistance, Income Tax, and various other options to help cover the monthly costs of training and housing. Our Hope Partners program and other annual fundraising events help cover program costs.

Hands working on book report outdoors at VOH Q. How long is the program?
A. The regeneration program at Village of Hope is 10 months in duration (sometimes up to one year depending on individual circumstances). After graduation, if the student feels a call on his life to help others in the field of addictions, we offer a Servant Leadership Training program which is a further one year of training.

Q. What do the students in the program learn?
A. Some of the core elements of the program include: Establishing good work ethic, learning employment skills, experiencing inner healing, and rebuilding broken family relationships.

The students are encouraged to take responsibility for their past mistakes and decisions by working through addiction issues in their life and examining the wrongs they have brought to others.  We also work with students on help character development while working through the 4 classroom workbooks; Orientation, Regeneration, Inner Healing & Discipleship.

Q. What is the process to apply for entrance to Village of Hope?
A. Here are the steps to gain entrance to this program:

1. Call our office at 506-368-2600 and speak to an intake administrator. Our staff will complete a preliminary phone interview with the applicant.

2. After the call is finished, go to our website and complete the Application form (click here).
Please be sure to read the program guidelines as well. (click here).

3. Send the completed application form to our offices: info@villageofhopeNB.ca

4. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a follow up phone call.

After the call, we will inform you whether you have been accepted to the Village of Hope program along with next steps for entrance.

Q. Can people visit?
A. Yes, after a 3-week orientation period, the student is allowed to have visits from family or friends who are a positive influence in their lives. They must be registered on the pre-approved Visitor List.  Visits are Sunday 9am-5pm; the visitor is requested to call the office by 12pm Wednesday to advise staff of their visit.

Q. What is the age of people who attend the program?
A. Our curriculum is geared toward adults – we accept men 18 years of age and over.

Taking a break beside the tractorQ. What does a typical day look like at the Village of Hope?
A. The days at the Village of Hope are full and productive! Here is a typical schedule:

6 am – Wake up
6:30am – Breakfast
7am – Duties & daily devotions /journaling
8am – Class 8am-10:30am
10:30am Work in shops
12:15 pm – Lunch & Clean up duties
1pm – Work in shops or outdoors as assigned by staff
5:30pm Supper
7pm – Various evening activities depending on the day of the week.

Evening activities include: sports night, study time, prayer meetings, praise and worship & movie nights + outings off campus

Q. Is smoking permitted?
A. Smoking is not permitted under any circumstances on the property. New students are required to quit smoking (if they have not already done so) when they arrive at the Village of Hope. We have a no smoking policy for all visitors as well.

Q. When are graduations held?
A. Graduations are held sporadically throughout the year. The public, family and friends of graduates and the Village are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony held on site at the Village of Hope.

Q. Can a student (while enrolled) make phone calls, watch tv/radio or use the internet?
A. Our students are here (we hope) for one primary reason; to resolve issues of the heart and work toward a new start in life. That being said, we want our students to avoid distractions while here and for this reason, use of TV, radio and the internet are not allowed while attending the Village of Hope program.  We encourage all of our students to redeem time by focusing on rebuilding relationships with their families via letter writing. Phone calls are permitted under extenuating circumstances or if the student decides to leave the program.

Q. How is Village of Hope funded?
A. The Village of Hope is primarily funded by donations coupled with fees from students and more recently, some revenue from social enterprises.   Our policy is “no debt”. If you would like to know more about donating to or helping the Village of Hope in some way, please call us at 506-368-2600.  Please visit our donation page for more information.