Program overview

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The first phase of the program is approximately four weeks duration and is a basic introduction to the program. During this class, our students are provided a basic overview of the program and an introduction into Christianity and Christian living.


During this phase, our students begin to see and understand the effects that addiction has had on their relationships with God, their families and others – and how it has also given them a false concept of themselves. At this level, they will begin to build bridges to restore broken relationships with the significant people in their lives.

Orientation also includes an in-depth look at their home life and a discussion on how addiction has affected both them and their family. Another very important step to this phase is an exercise called the Sociogram, which is a time for the men to share together how they see one another, both positively and negatively.


In this level of the program, our students learn the physical and psychological effects of chemical addition and how to take responsibility for their own recovery. Biblical counseling, classroom teaching and small groups are used to address the spiritual, mental and physical issues of addiction.


The Inner Healing class gives men an opportunity to deal with root issues that drive them to live a self-destructive life style. The student learns how to handle deep emotional wounds without medication. By ministering to the hurts and wounds in their hearts and dismantling strongholds, they become free so that change and healing can take place in their hearts, allowing them to maintain healthy relationships with the Lord and others around them. We recognize that this approach does not change history, but does allow for healing of memories such as childhood abuse or rejection.


In the previous phases of the program, our students spend most of their time looking at what caused their addiction and addictive life style. During this phase, the focus begins to shift when they move into the Discipleship Class. They begin focus on the God who created them – instead of who they used to be. They also begin to give themselves to serve others, which helps give them hope for their future and a true sense of purpose.

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Graduation is a public ceremony usually held approximately one year after entrance to the program. Family and friends are always invited along with the public and community. It’s a time to celebration and is alway a joyous occasion.

Family Visits

Our policy is to allow family visits on a pre-scheduled basis, starting 3 weeks after the student has been admitted to the Village of Hope program.

Family are requested attend Orientation Class to review the Village of Hope policies. Our goal is to promote healthy family visits. We are committed to success of both the student and the family.

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Family Visits are every from Sunday 9am – 5pm

If you are coming early and attending church we welcome you to stay and have lunch with us. The first Sunday of every month is a Potluck so you can bring a tasty food dish of your choice to share. If you are unable to attend church and only coming for family visits; visiting hours are 1pm – 5pm. Please check with staff before bringing any gifts onto the Village of Hope campus.

Lastly, please call our at 506-368-2600 before 12 noon on Wednesday to let us know how many from your family will be attending and any questions.

We look forward to seeing you!